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SCM Biomedica Inc. awarded the title of “Nagasaki University Venture” for the development of innovative immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

On March 14, 2024, during the Nagasaki University Venture Award Ceremony held at the Bunkyo Campus, SCM Biomedica Inc. was honored as Nagasaki University Venture No. 7. This accolade is part of an initiative started in fiscal year 2022 by Nagasaki University to recognize venture companies that leverage the university’s research and human resources to foster innovation and the practical application of research findings.

SCM BioMedica, Inc., established in October 2023 by Professor Yoshimasa Tanaka and his team, focuses on developing and commercializing SCM therapy for cancer treatment. This innovative therapy, based on novel PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor combination therapy, shows potential for higher efficacy and fewer side effects compared to current treatments. The significance of this venture is underscored by Nagasaki University Hospital’s designation as a Clinical Research Core Hospital(※), emphasizing the importance of translating university research into clinical trials and commercial products, particularly in the medical field.

President Takeshi Nagayasu lauded SCM BioMedica, Inc. for its potential to pioneer medical ventures in Nagasaki Prefecture, contributing to regional industry development.

(※)Clinical Research Core Hospital: A hospital that plays a central role in promoting high-quality clinical research and clinical trials necessary for the development of innovative drugs and medical devices originating in Japan.