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Chiho Watanabe, Dean of the Interfaculty Initiative in Planetary Health, spoke at the “Asahi Earth Conference 2023”

 The eighth Sustainable Earth and Society conference, themed “Dialogue for a Post-Corona World,” was held from October 9-12, 2023. On the final day, Chiho Watanabe from the Planetary Health Promotion Division spoke at the “Planetary Health Frontline: Climate Change and Infectious Diseases Today” session coordinated by Takeshita, the editor-in-chief of WithPlanet online alongside NPO and student speakers. They discussed the link between climate change and infectious diseases, focusing on the actual situation of infectious disease outbreaks affected by climate change, the use of technology to address the challenges of infectious diseases, the issue of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), and the relationship between individuals and global issues from a Planetary Health perspective.

The meeting was reported by Asahi Shimbun Digital’s “withPlanet.”

Introduced on YouTube and a morning edition article of the Asahi Shimbun dated November 8.