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A Field Training for the Tsushima Planetary Health Project


 Tsushima Island is a captivating place with unique nature, culture, and ecosystem. However, it is currently facing severe environmental challenges, including agricultural and forest damage caused by the increasing deer and wild boar population. Additionally, the mountain forests are being destroyed, and bobcats are being infected with the SFTS virus through ticks. The coastline is also filled with marine debris, another pressing issue that must be addressed.

 The Tsushima Planetary Health Project is a project that aims to plan an environmental education study tour for student volunteers in cooperation with YAMAP Inc. and Tsushima City. The training was conducted on November 18-19, 2023.

 The training began with acquiring knowledge about Tsushima, planning a tour, and understanding the island’s concepts and ideas.

 During the first day of the training, the participants climbed Jyo-yama mountain to learn about Tsushima’s history, culture, and topography. Later, they inspected marine litter on Akashima Island. The group also attended a lecture by an official from the Tsushima City SDGs Promotion Division on the current status of marine litter and the measures being taken to tackle it. They also had the opportunity to exchange their opinions on the subject with each other.

 During the second day of their training, the participants took part in the Japan-Korea Coastal Cleanup Festa and the Sea Experience Tour provided by Marutoku Suisan. They were taught about trash separation and collection and how the fishing industry can be transformed into a tourism resource. The event culminated in a review workshop. The participants were shocked to see the marine debris they had previously only seen in videos and other media. They expressed their desire to share this experience with others and use it to protect the environment in their future endeavors.

An additional training session is scheduled after this.